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Facing Criminal Charges?

Fighting Criminal Charges in Orange County

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Have you been arrested? Has a loved one been charged with a crime in the Orange County area? If so, I completely understand how overwhelmed or stressed you may be feeling. Though the hand of the criminal justice system is notoriously heavy, do not think that you are alone in this process. As a skilled Orange County criminal defense lawyer, I have what it takes to defend your rights and interests.

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  • Over 5,000 cases handled
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  • U.S. Supreme Court experience (Alavarez-Machain v. United States)

Criminal Defense in Laguna Beach

When the stakes are high, you will need to speak with a defense lawyer who has hands-on trial experience. I have represented countless individuals in various levels of court, including state, federal, and the U.S. Supreme Court. My vast experience has given me insight as to how prosecutors handle various criminal allegations, and I use this knowledge to leverage your case into a favorable position.

My firm also serves clients who are seeking to clear or seal their criminal records. If you are seeking an expungement or sealing a criminal record, speak with me as soon as possible. I can take the appropriate actions needed to help you move forward with your life with a clean slate.

Do not wait for prosecutors to make the first move. Take the first step to protect your future by requesting a FREE consultation to get started on your defense!

Aggressively Defending the People of Orange County for Over 20 Years​

Never Settle for an Unfavorable Plea Bargain in Orange County

I know that my clients come to me after facing life-changing criminal allegations. Whether you are facing a first-time charge or a serious allegation, you cannot afford to settle for anything less than an experienced and aggressive defense lawyer. In addition to the legal penalties, criminal charges also carry long-term societal penalties and can be damaging to your professional reputation.

I take aggressive action when protecting the rights and interests of my clients. We fight so you don't have to. Schedule a free case review to get started today!