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Dental License Defense Lawyer in Orange County

Don’t Face a Possible Revocation or Suspension on Your Own

Complaints and accusations filed against dentists are all reviewed by the Dental Board of California, also known as the DBC. The board takes complaints very seriously and thoroughly investigates all claims to determine what, if any, action can be taken.

When a complaint has been filed against you in Orange County, your reputation may be in jeopardy. It is important that you seek assistance from an experienced Orange County dental license defense attorney from the Alan Castillo – Attorney at Law. Contact me today to learn more.

Common Complaints Against California Dentists

Complaints can be filed against you by any number of people, including patients, staff, medical or dental peers, and law enforcement officials, to name a few. These complaints can range from minor infractions to major criminal matters.

  • Common accusations include:
  • Use of alcohol or drugs while working
  • Lack of professional knowledge or skill
  • Negligence
  • Any alleged criminal activity
  • Fraud

The DBC analyzes all accusations by investigating any records to determine if the complaint is warranted. Having a Orange County professional license defense lawyer on your side can help ensure that you always have a voice and your rights are well-advocated for. My firm is dedicated to giving you a voice throughout the entire proceeding.

Possible Penalties

If the complaint against you is found to be warranted, you can face revocation or suspension of your license. This can temporarily or permanently affect your livelihood, your patients, and your reputation in your profession.

  • If, when looking at the complaint in detail, the DBC finds is to be justified, you could face any of the following:
  • Fines
  • Formal criminal charges
  • Administrative warnings
  • Citations to provide proof that the condition was fixed

I always work to uncover the facts, including thoroughly investigating any complaints of misconduct or unhygienic conditions. My goal is to see the complaint dismissed, when possible, and to give you a voice in board proceedings to make sure further grievances are not thrown against you.

Working with Dentists throughout the Entire Process

Because my practice is well-versed in both professional license defense and criminal defense, I can help you when complaints have escalated to the Districts Attorney’s Office, or if you are facing a trial because of accusations against your dental license.

I can assist you, no matter what stage of the procedure you are facing. Call Alan Castillo – Attorney at Law at 949.234.6525 for a free consultation with a Orange County dental license defense attorney.