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Orange County Professional License Defense Attorney

Helping Professionals throughout Orange County

Your professional license can be investigated for a number of reasons, including criminal arrests, accusations of misconduct, or an allegation that you have failed to live up to your profession’s standards.

There are approximately 56 regulator and oversight boards under the umbrella of the Department of Consumer Affairs for The State of California, including the Board of Registered Nursing, the California Board of Medical Examiners, and the Dental Board of California. Each board has their own standards for quality care, and I have the knowledge and experience to defend you against nearly any accusation.

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Defending Multiple Licenses from Revocation or Suspension

At my firm, I am dedicated to thoroughly investigating the charges against you. As an Orange County professional license defense attorney, I am dedicated to looking for instances of abuse or false accusations and work to make sure that you are well-represented when you are facing a revocation or suspension.

Has a Complaint Been Filed Against You?

An accusation, or a formal administrative complaint, can be filed against your professional license by any regulatory board. Typically these arise from criminal cases or based on an alleged moment when you did not live up to a high standard of professional care.

Under California administrative law, you do have a right to contest the accusation and request a hearing before the office of administrative hearings for the state of California. Be aware that there are very specific time requirements that must be met with respect to your notice of the defense and your request for a right to a hearing.

I will personally assist you in any matter, investigation, inquiry, diversion or intervention program offer, and/or in response to or in defense against any formal accusation against your license.

Helping Professionals Renew or Gain their License

In addition to providing thorough defenses, I can also help you apply for an initial license or renew your license after it has expired. From filling out and filing initial paperwork on time and without mistakes to explaining the ins and outs of the entire process, I work with my clients to help ensure that their licenses are above board and received on time.

There are high stakes involved in any professional license defense case. When you are facing any board issues, if you need your license or a renewal, or if you have been accused of misconduct, don’t hesitate to call my Orange County firm at 949.234.6525. I offer free initial consultations for all new clients.