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How to Remove a CA Driver's License Suspension

If your California driver’s license has been suspended, you will need to get the suspension lifted before you can apply for a driver's license in any other state. Most DMVs run all new license applications or renewal applications through the National Drivers Registry before approving an application. An out-of-state suspension on a driver’s license from another state will result in denial of your particular home state application. You need to file a 1650 waiver.

What is a 1650 Waiver?

A 1650 waiver is an affidavit of out-of-state residency that is critical to the process of getting your old California driver’s license suspension cleared. An out-of-state licensee must file a 1650 waiver with the DMV. The only way for an out-of-state resident who holds a California license to clear or remove a suspension is to file an affidavit of out-of-state residency with the department of motor vehicles for the state of California.

An out-of-state resident with a California driver’s license is not eligible to file a 1650 waiver until the applicable suspension has lapsed. In order to secure a 1650 waiver document you must contact the department of motor vehicles at (916) 657–6525 and request an official form "affidavit about a state residency" 1650 waiver.

In response, the Department of Motor Vehicles will contact you by mail and will include the affidavit of out-of-state residency for you to execute and return to the DMV with applicable documentation establishing that you are, in fact, a resident of another state. Examples include utility bills, mortgage statements, state tax documentation, and other official documents that can be used to establish your official residency in that particular state.

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